General Rules For ALL Contests

  1. Only deer that are legally tagged will be weighed and entry must be made by the persons name who appears on the tag.
  2. All deer MUST be Weighed on our Scales - By a Knutson employee
  3. Deer MUST be Fully Dressed - Stomach AND Chest Cavities Cleaned – No exceptions!
  4. Winner Determined by Weight - # Antler Points used as Tie-Breaker
  5. Archery & Crossbow Contests runs their entire seasons (October 1 – November 14, 2022 and December 1, 2022 – January 1, 2023)
  6. Firearms contests include Muzzleloading season (November 15 to November 30, 2022 and December 2 to December 11, 2022)
  7. Knutson’s Contests include ONLY - Archery (October 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023), Firearms (November 15 to Nobember 30, 2022) Muzzleloader (December 2 to December 11, 2022) or Late Antlerless Firearm (December 12, 2022 – January 1, 2023) seasons. Deer taken in the Early, Liberty or Independence Hunts will not be allowed in any contest. We do this because these 3 seasons are not open to all hunters.
  8. Hunters can only win one Deer Contest or one place per season (excluding buck pole).
  9. A person shall not be eligible to enter a deer in any contest if that person is known to own or is a relative of anyone that owns or is employed by anyone in any business that owns any kind of captive deer herd. Knutson’s will obtain a list from the state department of agriculture to verify the captive herds and the owners of such herds. All winners will be checked to the best of our ability to make sure there is no cheating.
  10. Knutson’s reserves the right to refuse any deer if the deer is deemed to be taken illegaly or if the DNR finds that the deer has not been taken under legal methods.

    Pay Contests
    In addition to the above rules, the following apply:
  11. Entrants MUST be Pre-registered by Closing (7:00 p.m.) November 14, 2022.
  12. Pay Contests Include Muzzleloading Season.
  13. One Person CAN NOT Win More Than One Pay Contest With The Same Deer.
  14. You must determine at weigh-in which contest the deer will be entered in.
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